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Monday, April 21, 2008

Here is a picture of a picture on our wall: Our one and only professional family portrait! A lady in our ward did a wonderful job: it took 3 different pictures digitally manipulated to look like we're all together. Not bad huh? The original photos were one of me, Sully and the baby, then one of Cameron alone added to it, and who knows when or how she got such a great picture of Luke to crop in? Thank goodness for technology!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

April 2008

So here they are . . . Luke and Sullivan (5 and almost 4); if only things were really this peaceful between these two. I've decided that you are infinitely lucky if you have children of the opposite sex side by side. There's more sibling rivalry b/w two siblings, same sex, and close in age!!! It wears me out. There's a reason why Sullivan looks scared in this picture. Physical contact with Luke usually involves pain for him. ;)

We have a gorgeous view from our classicly Southern front porch during rain storms! Right now we're then only ones living on our cul-de-sac (the house you see is empty and for sale), so it's very peaceful, and wooded all around us.

Next is our fun little Lillian, who just turned one March 8th. Luke loves to rig things up--he's our little engineer--so he used a strap to tie the wagon to his "green truck". I buckled Lillian in and he drove her slowly around the yard as I followed (it was safe, I promise!). She loved it. It was too cute!

Last is a picture of me!!! Since I'm the one usually holding the camera, there really are very few pictures of me with the kids, unfortunately. I made Cameron take a picture of us today before church because Luke's supposed to bring one in to preschool for an assignment, and it feels great to have another picture of me with my child for posterity!
We're all squished next to the ground so that I could use the flowers as a backdrop. I didn't think about how strange it looks for us to be so uncomfortably scrunched. I just potted the red geranium yesterday, and it already has made me happier looking at it over the last day. I love geraniums--they easily bloom non-stop as long as they have sun. They're very tough. Can I just use this chance to say how much I love gardening? I just planted a vegetable garden yesterday (thanks to my wonderful Dad who surprised me by bringing down supplies for a raised garden box bed), and I'm anxious to see how it will do in this humid heat that will hit soon. Hopefully I have fresh BLT's coming my way!