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Sunday, February 27, 2011

2011 So Far

It's hard to believe how slowly the days go by and yet how quickly our kids are growing up! Luke had a birthday, turned 8 and was baptized in January, Lillian demanded her first rose for Valentine's day, and cowboy Andrew has started hitting the herbal tea hard. Sullivan has discovered the joy of legos, and was too busy playing upstairs with them lately to be in many pictures!

(note: the children-sized baptismal wear was missing from the church--Luke had to make some adult pants that were in the church closet work!)

I was working in the kitchen one afternoon, and turned around to see this hilarious sight that he'd arranged himself. Andrew loves hats. He wore that 10 minutes straight, and kept sipping water from that teacup like it was the last he'd ever get.

We had to dress Lillian up as a rockstar for a birthday party. This was the best we came up with. I kept thinking, what would Avril Lavigne wear? I don't know, but probably not this. Sunflowers scream rocker-girl, right?