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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Formal Retraction

I'm hereby issuing a retraction of former statements regarding crazy people wearing spandex. I totally get it! Since February, I started doing spin classes at the YMCA to help me shed baby pounds, and I must say, once you get past the initial self-consciousness of wearing only a second layer of black skin over your nether-regions, it is the ONLY way to ride a bike! No more tugging at my shorts as they ride up my pasty white legs, no more chafing thighs (that was before I lost much of said baby weight, uhhhumm), and a newfound confidence from not caring what others may think of my shape or lack thereof! Thank you, Nike and Champion, for making my attempts at bike-riding a little more comfortable! And I'm sorry to any who may have been offended by my prior misunderstanding of spandex. ;) I'm not saying it still doesn't make others in the room who are not wearing spandex uncomfortable . . . but, oh well!

*As I was searching for a photo to add, I only found 2 that would work, and the first one was so uncomfortable that I could not in good conscience post it on this family-friendly blog. Prior view on spandex proven, and perhaps still stands after all. Suffice it to say, black is a much better color for men's bike shorts than red. Color selection is everything if you dare to wear!