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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Fun in the Tarheel State!

After the family reunion, we headed over to Linville, NC in the Blue Ridge Mountains to stay in my great-Aunt Kassie's cabin for a few days. The leaves were changing, and the weather was nice and cool. It was beautiful and relaxing (well, as relaxing as we get with our group).

We drove to Asheville to spend the day at the Biltmore Mansion. That place is humongous! It's like it dropped out of the sky from France into rural North Carolina. We had loads of fun. The kids behaved incredibly well during the 2 hour self-guided tour of the house--thank goodness, b/c once you start there is NO easy way out--it's like a 2 mile one-direction maze, with one way in and one way out. We loved it--and after that we took the kids over to the Biltmore barnyard and farm. They loved the animals, and there was tons of fun things for them to do: a live country band, crafts, butter-making, carpenter-demo, etc. Lillian was too cute with the animals: "HI, Ki-caa!" over and over again (she calls all animals "kitty-cats"), to the goats, horses, chickens, etc.

We had a fantastic week in North Carolina, home sweet home.

The boy's with their "Nana and Pop-pop" who stayed in the cabin with us for a few days.

The boys had been longing to make a leaf-pile, but we don't have enough at home in SC yet. They were in heaven here!

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Straight Fancy said...

Wow, you've been busy and you still have your inlaws coming and us coming. Life never slows down.

Julia Deaver said...

That looks like so much FUN! I miss NC so much too! I have wanted to visit the mountains so bad also, I need to get my family to go out there too!

Williams Family said...

Okay, this is the third time i've tried to write you, but since I was signed in with my other google account it keep deleting it when i tried to publish my comment. Anyway, you had a big lapse btw post so it's good to see what's new. I've also written my 'tagged' post.

Buffy said...

Sara, I love, love, love it when you post pictures. Your family photographs so well. I love your hair pulled back in that "half princess" as my mother called it growing up. My favorite picture is the one of all three kids on the wagon with the boys in their awesome hats.

The Reeds said...

Now that is a lot of leaves!. We love the fall as well. This week hit with winter weather. I just can't seem to get warm. Cute pic of the kids on the wagon. They look so much older.

carl said...

asville is an alsome place! i severd there for 6 months. and i was actully able to go to the biltmore for free. it was so sweet!