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Sunday, May 31, 2009

"Give your sister back her nose!! NOW!"

The things we say as moms. I found myself yelling the above phrase from the kitchen this afternoon. A month ago we discovered that the old "got your nose" trick was a lot of fun with Lillian. It didn't scare her, but she was not satisfied till you "put it back." So, it's morphed into a family game. We take her nose, throw it in the air, put it in our pockets or our mouths, and she laughs as we grab it and stick it back on. Better yet, she'll "grab" it: out of the air if we throw it, dig it out of our pockets, etc, and stick it on her own face. Now if you don't give it back to her, or let her get it, she will eventually flip out: "Gimme back my nose!!" or more common, "Mom, he won't gimme my nose!"

This afternoon, she was bothering Luke, so he methodically takes her nose and won't give it back. Now starts the ear-piercing screaming and crying which mights as well be nails on a chalkboard. Prompting me to yell the most ridiculous phrase to date, and not be the least bit joking.

Sullivan graduated from Pre-school! One grade down, 17 more to go!


Heather Williams said...

She's so cute!

Bryce said...

You know what's funny about this, a few months ago we were going through the same thing. I remember laughing to myself because I couldn't decide who to lecture first---Claire to give Cady her "bum" back or Cady to be realistic and know her bottom was not missing! :D Got to love kids.

(This is Jean)

Tiffany said...

So funny! Thanks for sharing your bits of craziness. And WAHOO to Sullivan!

Susanna Landon said...

Sara, I miss you and Cameron. Please come visit us in St George soon. Also, bring your cute little clan too!

Buffy said...

seriously so cute. What an adorable baby.