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Monday, July 20, 2009

A Busy Few Weeks

It's been a whirlwind around here lately! In the last 30 days, we celebrated Sullivan's 5th birthday, moved into a new house, and celebrated July 4th with friends. We've had a great time despite the hectic-ness, especially now that the move is done! Here are some random pics of our last few weeks.

I let Sullivan pick whatever kind of cake he wanted this year (I realized that may have been a little bold once I heard some of his ideas). He opted for another train cake, which we have done for the last 3 years. This time, after watching too many "Ace of Cakes" shows, I was more ambitious. While it wasn't as awesome as I imagined, it turned out okay--which was a relief since it almost fell completely apart before the birthday. Structural support is everything! I would do it very different next time, but, it survived long enough to blow out the candles. Whew!

We closed on the sell of our beautiful home back in April, and the new owners kindly rented it back to us for two and a half months until they moved down. While that was very nice and a huge help, it was a relief to finally move out. The move had been looming over us, along with the sadness of knowing that we would soon have to leave our wonderful home and 1 acre lot. We had lots of great times there, but it we knew it was time to move on. Now that we're out, I feel much lighter! It was a big move. We filled this truck 3 1/2 times! Luckily we were only moving about 4 minutes away.

Another sewing project for Lillian: this is actually my second test of the same pattern from Sew Sensible, slightly altered, with the bloomer pattern as well. I used leftover fabric from kitchen curtains I made a few years back, and from covering our bar stools. I look at this outfit and think of our kitchen, but hey, it was economical and still cute!

Luke goofing around while we ate watermelon waiting for fireworks!

Back me up, moms: A husband is never more attractive than when he is carrying a child or cleaning supplies! You look fantastic, Cameron--screaming babies suit you well. Very thinning . . .

I took a picture of myself to prove to future-Andrew that I really was present and involved during his childhood since there won't be many pictures . . . It looks like I have cellulite on my wrist that was holding the camera--not good for the vulnerable, post-baby self-image. :)

Hope you all had a great July 4th!


Maria said...

Your kids are so cute! And that outfit for Lillian is darling. You're Super Mom!

Dave & Jada said...

I talked to Cm today for a sec. I hope you are doing well with going with the flo. I know this has to be super hectic. I feel like I have been there too many times. Lilly dress and bloomers are the best!

Susanna Landon said...

I love all the pictures. It is pretty impressive that you made a train cake, moved, sewed and lived through it all. I love the outfit for Lillian. Curtain fabric was a great idea just like The Sound of Music. I am going to go dig through my old left over fabric and see what I can come up with. By the way, Andrew is a darling baby!

Buffy said...

I love Lillian's outfit...is is adorable. I also love the picture of Cameron and the baby...your post reminds me of that book we sent you as a joke, if you still have it, I want to take a look at it while I am there, I forgot last time.

Also, Sullivan's cake looks awesome! You will have to tell me more about your "support" knowledge and ideas. I have never tried a 3D cake before. My hat off to you.

zach said...

Pics of your new house? Congrats on the sale and the move, love the sewing. Any tips on where to put a sewing machine in a 950 square foot home? -amy

The Reeds said...

That is a busy few weeks. I cannot beleive you made the cake. I think I would have made a run to the store with all of that going on. Super Mom! I have been thinking about making the kids cake this year but I just don't know... its nerve racking. If my look like yours, I would do it.
Moving is tough. That is a lot of trips. Crazy how things collect and grow. Sometimes I look around and think "Where did all this stuff come from" I'm glad that you still are in SC. We really miss it and always talk about it being one of our favorite places to live. Miss you guys!

Eric and Jill said...

Sara you look beautiful!!! Your a super mom making custom cakes, sewing, & moving around the holiday!! I do love the fact you got you hubby to wear that thing he must be awsome just like you!!!