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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Getting into trouble!

My kids are great at finding their own fun. Too bad it's usually in ways that make a load of messes! Apparently saying "No" 100 times doesn't really mean no.

Lillian loves cabinets! Especially the ones in our bathroom where she has discovered the small boxes of soap. I managed to child-lock the two cabinets to the left (out of the shot) so she couldn't get in them. Haha!

But, she found a way back to the soap by climbing in through the open un-locked cabinet to the right.

I don't know why, but my kids think they are hungry ALL DAY LONG. As soon as I turn my back they are into the food again! Usually it's Luke. I suspect he was the mastermind behind sending his brother to the front line.

Forts are a daily occurance around here. Anywhere and everywhere.

This is Lillian's favorite play spot. Scary! I'm wishing now we didn't elevate our bathtub. She bolts over here as quick as her chunky legs will take her, climbs up, turns on the water, then puts anything within reaching distance under the faucet, often one of the bars of soap she stole from the cabinet.

Apparently I need to entertain these kids better!


Elizabeth West Bunton said...

Lillian--I love the curls, love that cute little outfit, and love even more Lillian without the outfit. A diaper and nothing else is pretty much what Eleanor wears all day. I love the picture of Lillian in the bathroom cabinet. I also love fort pictures as a whole. James has finally resigned himself to having to build forts big enough for two.

Jean said...

Those were really precious pictures. I love seeing a little slice of daily life in your family!

thediamondmaker said...

Too, too, too cute, Sara. Thanks for sharing, I love seeing what your life is like. The picture of Lillian in the cabinet is so cute! She has so much hair now, it makes her look even more beautiful.

I also really liked the picture of Cameron and the boys around the fire - your campfire story reminded me of how much I dislike camping with kids - Buffy suggested we try it the other day, I just about had a heart attack, but played it cool and tried to hide behind my med school schedule as an excuse.