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Friday, June 13, 2008

"Hey, where's their . . . . ?"

a little anecdote:

Luke loves watching Discovery shows with Cameron in the morning before Cameron leaves for work. The other day, they were watching a nature-ish show that included the obligatory authentically naked indigenous people. Since this is Discovery, they courteously blurred out the men's unmentionables as they walked around in the rainforest. After watching for a while, Luke, always trying to figure things out, calmly asks Cameron, "Dad, do those guys don't have any privates??" Too funny! . . . I love how little kid's brains work--a perfectly logical conclusion for a 5 year old!


Elizabeth West Bunton said...

How funny--I can see how that would be terribly, terribly confusing.

Anonymous said...

Don't you love their innocence? Mackey(5) was playing in the pool when a friend dropped by to see if he could play. Mackey jumped out of the pool and his swimsuit and was naked. His friend started trying to leave, he was pretty embarrassed. Mackey didn't notice. He went after him telling him all about his new underwear I had just bought him. I was a little embarrassed too. Mackey's poor friend. Later I tried to explain that it is best to always cover up his privates. He just said, "Oh Mom, we're all boys!". Long comment...but I love your posts. Sabrina