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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Funny Boy

Those who know Luke, know that he is a Mr. Personality. He keeps things lively at our house! Yesterday we were going over his weekly word list: words made of 3-5 letters that he has to read and make a sentence with. Usually his made-up sentence consists of "I saw the ___" or "I like to ___." Yesterday was a little more exciting though. Here are a few of my favorites (he happened to also be saying all of these words and sentences in a deep frog/Italian mafia voice, which added to the experience):

hunt . . . "I am hunting for fresh fish."

bust . . . "My brother busted my eye."

plug . . . . "I plugged the toilet."

He was referring to clogging the toilet. The last two sentences give a pretty accurate take on his everday life! I think he was bored at school that day--he was wired!

We then went on to read his school book on dinosaurs. On one page, it mentioned how some dinosaurs had very strong jaws. I tried to show Luke what his jaw was. "I have a strong jaw too--want to see?" I was a little nervous, expecting him to look for something nearby to bite, which was most likely to be me or Sullivan. Instead, he started pushing his face into my shoulder. I'm wondering what the heck he's doing, and if he's going to bite me next. "See??" He continues to push (not very strongly I might add) for another minute while I busted up laughing--he was trying to push me with his jaw! I guess that's one way to see if your jaws are strong.


Buffy said...

okay--that was hilarious, especially the strong jaw part.

Straight Fancy said...

I love luke...he's a keeper!

shaina said...

I absolutely love the things little boys come up with. I'm sure it makes for an interesting classroom too. Very funny.

Julia Deaver said...

He is such a cutie!