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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Camcorder Advice Please?

So, we are shopping last minute for a new camcorder before our little guy is born. I'm torn: HD mini DV camcorder, or do I go with a Hard Drive camera??? I'm terrible at downloading family movies--I've got 6 years worth of tapes that we've never seen, from the old big ones, to the mini DV ones, so I need something that is not going to be hard to figure out! Any suggestions out there? Thanks!


Maria said...

I love my digital camera with video. I just upload onto Picasa and voila! Instant home movie on the PC. Then I can post it to blogger or email to family. I'm not really good with an actual camcorder; I've only had my digital camera.

The DiStefano Family said...

We have the hard drive one and I love it. It's so easy!

Anonymous said...

Hey Sara!

It's Liz, your old roomie! I can't believe you're having another babe! Hey can you send me your email address when you have time? I started a blog a few months ago, but it's only to invited readers
talk to ya soon!

Sara said...

Liz--my email is seb1079@hotmail.com. I don't have any other way to contact you with it, without you leaving me your email address or blog address! So good to hear from you!

Thanks for the opinions so far guys! The more input, the better!