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Monday, April 06, 2009

Conversations with Sullivan

I was tucking Sullivan into bed tonight, and had just turned on some music for him. Tonight, like last night, it was the "Safety Kids" cd, the one that has cute songs about saying no to drugs, etc that my mom played for us when we were little. As I turned to leave, Sullivan says, "Mom, drugs are bad. Some people have drugs."

Trying to keep this at a 4 year old level, I say, "Yep. Not in our family though, huh? Drugs are bad!"

"Yep. I don't have drugs . . . but Luke sometimes has drugs."

"What?" I'm laughing now--I figure this is just a 4 year old mind trying to make sense of why Luke always seems to be in trouble while Sully is almost never in trouble (these two boys have night and day personalities). Drugs = Bad, Luke = Continous Time-outs for "bad decisions", so therefore, Luke probably has drugs.

"Like he smells goo." (I had trouble understanding this one--he had to repeat it about 6 times, but I think that's what he said).

"Huh???? What do you mean? Where did you hear that?"

To self, 'please tell me my 6 year old hasn't been learning about smelling glue in kindergarten!'
Sullivan just pointed to the CD player. After asking a couple more questions, it's pretty clear Sully doesn't really understand what drugs are at all, which is what I would expect. I emphatically tell Sully that Luke does not have ever have drugs.

I'm pretty sure Luke's not smelling glue or goo, despite his crazy behavior at times, but I think I need to listen to this CD again--it has been about 23 years! Maybe our enlightening conversation will make sense then. Talk about TMI--I think I'll shelve this CD for a couple years.


Mindy said...

Your little one look so much like Aunt Monna to me. So cute!! I'm gonna keep my eye out for glue sniffers at my house.

Jean said...

That's funny Sara. Yes, I turned that one on for my girls a few months ago and quickly turned it off again. :D No sense giving them ideas they haven't hear of yet!

Shauna said...

Congratulations on your new arrival! We are happy everyhting went well:) -The Goates
(Sara, My mom played Safety Kids for us too, that is where I learned to play it cool and keep the rules:)