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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Kindergarten's Over--let the summer chaos begin!

This is all of us at Luke's kindergarten graduation! We loved seeing him in his classroom with his friends.

Yesterday was the last day of Kindergarten for Luke, and I am honestly terrified. I had been looking forward to this: no more schlepping 4 children around in the car, picking up and dropping off. But, today solidified my worst fears for the summer: 4 children, home all day long, with not enough to do except for driving mom bonkers. Today was a day full of couch cushion/pillow/blanket forts in the living room, "What can I eat???" all day long, lots of crying from children fighting and hurting each other, fits being thrown in resistance to the time outs mandated for the hurting, one child being shoved off the trampoline by the other, another fit for then being sent to their rooms, a much-needed naptime for the youngest 3 (whew!), an entire thing of bubbles dumped on the floor (twice! once upstairs, once down), a whole jar of Carmex smeared around the bathroom, and you get the idea. Most of the action takes place while I'm nursing the baby, then I clean up all the messes until it's time to feed him again--it's a wonderful cycle.

I love my children . . . but I am dreading these next 3 months! Today made me realize that I REALLY need to do some planning and get some structure going to keep us sane. I would love to hear you share your best summer tip for staying sane with kids--leave a comment!

Luke with his wonderful teachers, who I can't thank enough!

Below are the gourmet candy apples that I made (and LOVED) for Luke's teachers. These are some of my favorite treats, and they cost a fortune at the candy stores, so I was thrilled that they turned out. The best was the one on the right: dipped in caramel, rolled in crushed peanuts and Heath bars, and then dipped in chocolate and flecked with white chocolate. Sooo yummy. I think I'll make these each year for the teachers. I got everything I needed at Walmart, made them in one afternoon, and we get to enjoy the extras!

Andrew, 8 weeks old . . .

"Are they ALL really going to be home all summer, mom??" Hang in there, buddy!


Mindy said...

You just described my life! With my triplets just turning 5 I can hardly wait till school starts in August! I'll go from just one in school to FOUR in school!! Hoo Hoo!! Hang in there and just know that my life stinks sometimes too. (Often actually.) Cheers! Mindy (Camron's cousin.)

Susanna Landon said...

Oh Sara, I hate this Summer thing also. We have been out for three weeks and today I threatened Blake with day care. How sad that I am a stay at home mom and I want to send my kids off to day care. I can't stand the fighting and screaming either. I have to try to keep the kids quiet because Robbie works from home. It's just about impossible. Especially while I am nursing.

I will keep you in my prayers if you will keep me in yours.

Buffy said...

Wow , those apples are really impressive. I can't believe you can get all that done. James isn't out of school until next Tuesday, but I am already trying to figure out the structure of our days just to make them livable and happy. I'll let you know if I hit on anything that works.

Heather Williams said...

The apples look delish! I just read a blog post about thrifty kid activities check it out. Maybe you'll brave one. http://www.anotherthriftymom.com/2009/06/thrifty-kids-crafts.html

Eric and Jill said...
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Eric and Jill said...

What a cutie your little guy is!! I love the gourmet carmel apple! We love to make them too, although I like the idea to roll them in nuts and crushed candy bars before dipping in chocolate. Our favorite kind is carmel dipped in milk chocolate drizzled with white chocolate then rolled in crushed oreo and nuts! Awsome idea to give to teachers LOVE IT!!