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Friday, June 12, 2009


1) The other day, Lillian wanted to hold Andrew, who was on my lap. I lean him forward, and just as she comes in to hug him, he throws up all over her shirt. She's usually pretty tough, but this really grossed her out. "Yuck yuck yuck! Take shirt off!" She then steps forward, looking Andrew straight in the eye, and says fiercely "Don't spit on me, stinky boy!" Where she got this from, I have no idea!

2) Last night, we had a trip to the ER (a not-that-uncommon occurrence in the last 3 years) after Lillian fell backwards off a bar stool in our kitchen, bumping her head. She seemed really out of it right afterwards, and then vomited in the sink, so I took her in. She quickly recovered on our way to the hospital. As she was waiting for her precautionary CAT scan, the sweet elderly nurse was befriending her by chatting niceties with her about her age, her name, her Nana, and her new baby brother. Lillian answered her questions appropriately and cutely, scoring lots of points. Nurse then asks, "What is your baby brother's name?" Lillian looks up at her and says, "I have gas." Luckily the nurse thought it was hilarious, and was too busy laughing and telling the technicians that Lillian had diagnosed herself with gas, to notice when the smell hit.

We love you spunky Lillian!


Straight Fancy said...

Love that Lilli!

Buffy said...

Wow--I am impressed with your composure about your emergency and am glad you guys got through it okay and that Lillian is fine (which I am guessing she was since you haven't said anything). And as for the first one--at least she was using words to express how she felt to Andrew and not hitting. That is fairly advanced for any 2 year old I think.