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Thursday, September 03, 2009

Nancy's Wedding

Here are a few snapshots from my Cousin's wedding in Greenville, NC. We had a delightful time! Luke and his cousin Claire were the ring bearer and flower girl. Nancy was so sweet to involve them - they were so precious.

Nancy and Kyle are both historians--he loves the Civil War period, and she worked as a tour guide at Monticello (the gorgeous home of Thomas Jefferson, in VA). They are both wonderful people and a terrific match! I love this picture (taken by their photographer).

Andrew was a great sport. He was dragged all over the place for pictures, rehearsals, the bridesmaids chambers, and the wedding! He's getting so big. :(

Cameron with my Uncle John at the rehearsal dinner.


Dave & Jada said...

That looked like a beautiful wedding. I'm not sure what I enjoyed more, however, the wedding pictures or Luke's faces! What did you ever decide to go with about schools?

RC Patton - ReflectiveVideo.com said...

The picture of the kids in front of the window is great! Did you take that one? I sure the little boy would have been quite a ham on the wedding video. Thanks for posting these great pictures.
RC Patton - ReflectiveVideo.com

Sara said...

The first three pics were taken by the wedding photographer, and posted on his blog,http://www.autumnsongphotography.com/index.cfm?StartRow=6. He did a fantastic job! The last two were taken by a friend of Nancy's, who is also a photographer.

Buffy said...

These pictures are incredible, thanks for sharing them. That is a fantastic picture of you especially. You look great.